Photography Hacks for Amazing Fall Photos

Early Morning Light

For soft luminous lighting the best time for photography is early in the morning during "golden hour" within the first hours of sunrise. 

Shooting Upwards

Shooting upwards into the trees will create a dynamic photo and capture those fall colors surrounding your subject!

Shooting Through Foliage

Use the colored leaves to your advantage and shoot through them to create a warm glow surrounding your subject. 

Throwing Leaves

After all "It's fall y'all" right? Set your shutter speed high to capture the action. Throw some leaves, have your subject jump, dance, and have fun with it! 

Wide Shots

Wide shots are a great way to capture all of fall's essence with the colorful leaves and trees contrasting in the blue skies.

Fall Props

Create a cozy fall vibe with props like blankets, scarfs, coffee mugs, pumpkins, and flannels. 

Prop Foliage

If it's still early in the season or you're feeling a little extra purchase some prop foliage for your photos. You can layer it on the ground or frame the camera lense with it to create that warm fall glow.

What Colors to Wear

Bright vibrant colors are going to pop with the fall leaves. Think of the color wheel and go with yellows, oranges, reds, purples, blues, and greens! 

What Colors Not to Wear

Blacks and Greys are going to look dull and not give you much of a pop. When it comes to fall photography, think color!