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7 Essential Keto Hiking Snacks You Need to Pack

    It is possible to stay in ketosis while hiking. There are a ton of ways to keep your belly full and boots marching along without sacrificing your diet. We have compiled a simple list of keto hiking snacks that could be picked up at most local grocery stores. If not, there is always Amazon to the rescue.

    Not only does this list focus on keeping all of the snacks low carb, but it also keeps a prioritized eye on protein which is crucial for a succesful and active hikers diet. High protein hiking snacks not only keep the h-angers at bay, but are super beneficial for your body. Protein helps hikers regulate their metabolism, repair tired muscles, and boost their immune systems. Plus, you’re not yourself when you’re hungry – I should coin that line. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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    Keto Beef Jerky

    Jerky made from beef is ideal for hiking. It’s easy to carry and high in protein and one of the best high protein hiking snacks. The high salt content found in beef jerky is actually beneficial for hiking because it aids with hydration regulation. This keto hiking snack is packed with protein as well.  Any other snack option can’t compare to the quantity of protein you get from even a little strip. Protein is good for your body and provides an energy boost while also satisfying hunger rapidly.

    The question is, is jerky good for you? The quick answer is that it is debatable. Jerky can be healthy if it suits your dietary objectives and the sort of product you select. Dried meat snacks can be a good source of protein when consumed as part of a balanced diet.

    Jerky skeptics can be a little out of date. With additional MSG, nitrates, and chemical preservatives, many individuals warn that they’re rich in sodium. The truth is that jerky is no longer made in this manner.

    Sodium, on the other hand, is a valid cause for concern. Although sodium is a necessary nutrient, it is far too easy to consume too much in the average American diet. According to the FDA, the daily recommended dosage for the average individual is 2,400mg, which is just over a teaspoon of table salt. 

    How to Choose a Healthy Jerky

    1. Look for jerky with fewer than 500mg sodium content per serving
    2. Opt for brands that have no more than 5g of added sugar

    Our Favorite Beef Jerky: People’s Choice | Country Archer | Tillamook Country Smoker

    Alternatives: Salmon Jerky | Turkey Jerky | Vegan Jerky | Mushroom Jerky

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    Salami or Sausage

    Find the hard salami brands with zero carbs and a paper casing. This method tastes better and keeps fresh longer. Summer sausage is another great option.

    Our Favorite Picks: Criminelli Whiskey Salami | Dukes Shorty Sausages

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    Hard Cheese Snacks (k)

    Wrap the cheese to keep it from getting too greasy in your bag. You can also find cheese snacks that are freeze-dried and can be eaten like chips!

    Another tasty one of our high protein hiking snacks that is easy to consume on the trail is string cheese. String cheese is high in protein and comes in a number of flavors, including Colby Jack, cheddar, and the most popular, mozzarella. It’s great on its own or with meat or fish for a quick trail supper that doesn’t require any preparation!

    Cheese that is good for hiking typically has the following characteristics:

    • It is a Firm or semi-firm cheese
    • It has been aged
    • It has a low moisture content

    Our Favorite Picks: Horizon Organic | Mini Babybel

    Keto Protein Bars

    What hiking snack list would be complete without energy bars? Just keep in mind that some of these protein bars contain a lot of sugar alcohols, which each body processes differently; we’ve found that eating more than half a bar per day has a significant impact on our ability to hike up the hills we need to. We’ve identified a handful that keep the sugar alcohols to a minimum and allow us to go on with our hike.

    Our Favorite Picks: Perfect Keto Bars | Quest Bars

    Fatty’s Beef Sticks (k)

    There isn’t much to say about these hefty sticks o’beef other than they are just what you need and want! They are the O.G. BIG meat snack. Packed with protein. Low in Sugar. Crafted with real ingredients. Cut out all of the marketing lingo and fancy packaging, Faty’s serves up a fantastic chunk of meat, that’s relatively healthy and keeps you moving on the trail!

    Our Favorite Flavors: Jalapeno | Original | Pepperoni

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    These packable veggies provide a much needed bit of green into your daily diet and are such a great source of fat (and low net carbs).

    Avocados are another great way to get plant-based healthy fats in your diet. They are crammed with vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B6, C, and E. Their anti-inflammatory properties will keep your body feeling fresh on mile ten.  

    To make this a trail-friendly snack, bring a pocket knife and a small spoon. Bring a small garbage bag with you to pack out the pits and peels. Although fruit scraps may appear innocent, they can attract wildlife and disrupt the local environment.

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    Keto Trail Mix

    We put together our own mix of dark chocolates, almonds, and macadamia nuts. It keeps it simple, delicious and nutritious.

    โ€“ 2 squares (1/6 a bar) Theo’s dark chocolate
    โ€“ 1 oz almonds
    โ€“ 1 oz Macadamia nuts

    This mixture was crunchy, salty, and chocolatey, and it was exactly right. Place this on the outside of your bag to melt the chocolate on hot days, then massage the bag to mix the nuts and coat them in chocolate. You’ve got a chocolate-covered nuts snack if it cools down! Grab a spoon and dig in if it stays melted.

    Keto Hiking Snacks Wrap-up

    We hope this helps navigate the grocery aisles with ease when loading up before your next hiking adventure. This is a simplified list of keto hiking snacks that shold serve as a starting point or baseline for any adventures, including backpacking.

    If you are not keto, or hiking on a cheat day, check out our 7 High Protein Hiking Snacks artcile to make sure you’re still getting the proper nutrients.