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Why I love being a part of the BAM Community

    Who you partner with is Important

    I have been a creator for BAM for a couple of years. I admit I had never heard of them until I was contacted through one of my social media channels inviting me to take a closer look. Immediately, I knew I wanted to be a part of this growing community because loved everything they stood for!

    Whenever possible, we try to partner or work with brands that have a strong adherence to positive environmental practices and a similar ethos to our own. Part of what we do on this site is helping to promote more people heading out into the backcountry. This could have a negative impact on our environment unless we take the proper steps to help educate. We do this by making sure to include LNT ethics on every adventure we produce, and by promoting and working with brands such as BAM that have the same train of thought.

    (This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. Thanks!)

    Who is BAM?

    BAM considers itself to be “a viable and environmentally sustainable business.” The founder, David, had realized he wanted to create something that was not only sustainable but what he coined as Impact Positive. They have goals to have a carbon footprint of zero by 2030! That is a huge goal and one that they adhere to in every facet of the business.

    How am I a part of the BAM Community?

    I am a BAM Creator. This means that I receive products, sometimes in advance of their release, and create imagery with them. I play two roles – photographer and model, often time using a self-timer if my team isn’t around when inspiration hits.

    This is a series I created while I was solo backpacking the West Rim Trail in Zion NP. I hadn’t intended on doing a full shoot, but I was inspired by the zen of the backcountry and went for it.

    What Gear I Used on this Shoot

    This is a backpacking trip, so I try to keep my camera gear to an absolute minimum so I’m not hauling too much weight. Everything is shot using natural light only.

    • Canon EOS R5 – Incredibly fast AF and those juicy Canon color tones.
    • Canon RF 24-105mm f4 – This is actually my most used lens. I love having the ability to punch in to 105mm, and also get some landscapes at 24mm. It’s also one of the cheapest, so that helps justify when I bang it around on backpacking trips.
    • Peak Design CF Tripod – Most of my shooting was handheld until I also needed to be the model. In this case, I throw the camera on the PD Tripod, frame it up, set the R5 to a timelpase interval, and shoot!