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2023 Black Friday Sales for Content Creators

    ‘Tis the season once more—the time when anticipation fills both my mind and heart with the promise of fantastic sales and opportunities to snag incredible deals on the camera gear I’ve been eyeing all year. Yet, it’s also that season when my wallet sheds a tear as it inevitably empties out in pursuit of these irresistible offers.

    If you want to skip all of the fluff and get straight to the purchasing, head straight to this Amazon list that I threw together.

    (This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. Thanks!)

    You will see a lot of gear from Ulanzi which is not by coincidence. I came across them while looking for a solution to mounting my camera in odd places to get unique angles. Most things that I tried from brands like Smallrig or Manfrotto didn’t infuse me with much trust when supporting my camera and lens. Then I found the Ulanzi Super Clamp paired with the U-80L Ballhead which smashed the competition! I now own at least 3 of these setups and keep them in different bags so I always have them on the go. These easily hold my Canon R5 with the 70-200mm lens.

    For tripods, I usually go with the Peak Design Travel Tripod CF when traveling or backpacking. I’ll be honest, it is a bit heavier than I would like, but I love the small footprint and the quick setup/breakdown. It’s worth checking out the Ulanzi Zero Y tripod – I don’t have any hands-on with this, but I have heard great things. I believe it is a bit bigger when packed down but it weighs a little less.

    2023 Camera Gear Sales this Black Friday

    Most items on here I use personally, and most of them every single day. Some items, such as the DJI Pocket 3 Creator Combo, I will be getting because I believe it is going to be a huge asset in my workflow. Side note: it is NOT on a Black Friday sale, but if you want to get your hands on it anytime soon, you need to order asap.

    I included the Jackery 1000- Plus Solar Generator with Panels because it is my best friend when I am off the grid, in the backcountry, camping, and creating. It keeps all of my camera gear powered up and as long as I have sunshine, the 2 panels keep it topped off. You can see my review of the Jackery 1000W Setup which has all the specs you could want to know about the setup.