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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Keto – Being Superhuman


    Become superhuman with the keto diet. There are plenty of reasons to keto : Increased energy, daily detoxification, weight loss, better sleep, and better overall health.

    reasons to keto

    Increased Physical Energy – Reasons to Keto

    Food is fuel. You either are running on glucose (sugar) or ketones. Ketones are like the energy efficient electric vehicle in comparison to glucose. Glucose is like running a vehicle on gasoline, it’s not as energy efficient and quite frankly it’s polluting. It increases inflammation & promotes the body to rust from the inside out.

    Ketones are a cleaner source of energy, reducing inflammation and providing the body 3x the amount of energy as glucose which is what makes the keto diet so powerful. That’s 3x the amount of energy to heal, lose weight, think more clearly, and to summit amazing hikes like these. There’s a reason Ketosis is recommended for cancer, losing weight, autoimmunity etc. It’s powerful, it’s energy, and energy is what we are made of. So, fuel up! 

    Clear and Healthy Skin  

    The keto diet is a natural anti-inflammatory so it’s naturally going to aid in clearer and healthier skin. Plus it focuses on high quality fats such as omega 3’s which are antioxidants and amazing for glowing healthy collagen rich skin. Some studies have even shown telomeres begin to lengthen with keto therefore making it a powerful anti-aging tool. Reverse aging, anyone? How superhuman is that?

    reasons to keto

    Increased Mental Energy and Clarity

    Kind of a repeat of benefit #1 but let’s drive the point home. Ketones are a cleaner source of energy, reducing inflammation and providing the body 3x the amount of energy as glucose. That’s 3x the amount of energy to climb that mountain and 3x the amount of brain energy to reach your goals. Bye bye brain fog! 

    reasons to keto


    The amount of chronic illnesses have dramatically increased. “Evidence from around the world reveals that exposure to chemicals in everyday cleaning and personal care products, air pollution, foods, drinks, building materials and furnishings and food packaging have contributed to many of these health issues.” – From the book, “Non Toxic Guide to Living Healthy in a Chemical World”. 

    The keto diet supports detoxification from all the toxins found in everyday life. With a simple lifestyle change you can put your body in a permanent state of cleansing. No need for that celery juice! In fact we’d argue it’s filled with even more toxins…

    Weight Loss – Reasons to Keto

    Whether you want to or not, you’re going to shed a few pounds. This is a major reason to keto within itself. Ketosis dumps the fat stored in our cells (side note the fat in our cells also stores toxins so along with weight loss comes detoxification, bridging back to benefit #4). If somebody told you that you could as much as you wanted and weight would just fly off, why wouldn’t you? (Now that means high quality fats + protein not cake, brownies, and ice cream) 😉

    Better Sleep 

    The keto diet helps the body calm down and promotes relaxation and deep sleep. And sleep = detox. Which is why it’s so important to get your sleep right. NO need for celery juice detoxes, peeps, you just need sleep! 

    “When you sleep, your brain’s glymphatic (waste clearance) system clears out waste from the central nervous system. It removes toxic byproducts from your brain, which build up throughout the day. This allows your brain to work well when you wake up.” It’s called autophagy, and it won a Nobel prize and we’re all for it! 

    Improved Emotional State

    Keto helps with Alzheimer’s, migraines, epilepsy etc. Our hunter gatherer ancestors were naturally in ketosis but with the industrial revolution this state of being disappeared. This diet was reintroduced as a treatment for epilepsy and then kind of forgot about until more recently.  Ketones reduce neuroinflammation which is why it only makes sense it would help with depression and anxiety as well. It improves the functioning and flowing of neurotransmitters acting as a natural anti-depressant and anti-anxiety. Bye bye Xanax! You’re superhuman now, you have your own internal pharmacy. 

    Reduced Cravings

    How do you know you’re in keto? You won’t be hungry. That’s right! We’re telling you that you can eat as much as you like but you won’t really want to. After transitioning into ketosis and going through the keto flu (yes, sorry, it won’t feel good as your body starts detoxing and transitioning) you’ll enter a state of less hunger and the sugar demon will back off. No more hanger, no more blood sugar spikes, and no more craving temptations to set you off track like other “diets”. You can glide through a donut shop without the pool of drool down your face. However it is good to give your body breaks from this metabolic state and “cheat” every now and then. You actually should, even if you don’t want to. Once you start thinking clearer, having more physical and mental energy, have an amazing body, clear skin, and literally start reverse aging why would you want to quit? You won’t want to! But you should have a “cheat” day every now and then.

    Reduced Inflammation

    Here’s the big reason to keto. Carbs = Sugar. Sugar = Inflammation. Inflammation leads to illness. It’s as simple as that. This is why the keto diet is often suggested for autoimmune diseases, cancer, chronic illness etc. 

    Better Overall Health – Reasons to Keto

    YOUR DIET IS YOUR FOUNDATION FOR HEALTH. You can have a big beautiful house (therapies, medications, supplements etc) and a foundation that’s sinking (your diet) and the big beautiful house won’t matter if your house is sinking into the ground because the foundation has a crack in it. 

    Ketosis is a metabolic state, it’s not a diet. It’s a healing state allowing your body and immune system to function at its optimal level. That’s it, it’s not a fad, it’s not a diet, it’s just a way of functioning and fueling yourself. 

    Start with the basics; diet, clean water, exercise, and build a strong foundation. Then build up from there and choose your co-therapies. 

    reasons to keto

    Want to learn how to keto? Check out Bulletproof’s online guide to Keto for Beginners.

    *This article is not intended to act as medical advice or treat illness. We are not medical doctors and there’s a much deeper scientific explanation to all of the information shared here. We are simply making it easy, fun, and digestible. Please consult with your doctor before making any dietary or lifestyle changes.

    10 of The Best Benefits of The Keto Diet – Being Superhuman