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Why You Need a Chilipad in Your Life – A Real Review

    I took a chance on a mattress cooling system and I can never go back. EVER. Even up against the hottest of nights (and we just broke a record this week), I am able to keep my cool and sleep better thanks to the ChiliPAD Cooler. I was not asked or paid to promote this, btw. This system has changed my life in ways, and I am hoping it may do just that for other hot sleepers.

    What does this have to do with adventure you ask? Nothing. And A lot. Depends on how you look at it. I push my body to its physical limit on many of my adventures, so it’s vital for me to do my best to keep it in optimal shape. Your muscles are built while you sleep. Ya, I didn’t realize that either until recently. Sleep & rest is just as important as hitting the gym.

    OK – let’s get into it…

    Honey, I melted the bed again

    I’m a hot sleeper. Like, fire hot. Like, I got accused of pooping my bed in a hotel in Montana due to the chocolate that melted under me while I slept. (don’t ask how the chocolate get there in the first place, ok? Keep your head in the game.) That level of hot. I get angry, irritable, crankypants – you name it. As usual, I was dreading the Arizona summer heat coming on as it always seems to do in the summer.

    I have the AC cranked, fan turned to blow-my-face-off mode, down to my skivvies, and it would still be a toaster under the sheets. Granted, I have an older home, so the AC unit pumps its little heart out, but can’t keep up with temps staying above 100 degrees through the night! Until recently, I rely on my work travel schedule to keep me on the road during the summer months just to avoid sleeping at home. That’s not a very healthy solution, or so my plants say…

    man drinking coffee in bed with dog on lap looking outside. chilipad system

    Enter ChiliPAD.

    I have this unit for a few months leading up to the summer. Being how hot of a sleeper I am, I ws using back in the Spring. What I didn’t know about the unit, and came as a bonus surprise, was that it also can heat the mattress too. So, when you wake in the morning, and it’s cold af, you can crank it into heat mode and slumber like a human taco.

    I am not going into a technical review or breakdown of the unit. There are a number of review sites that offer incredible information and comparisons. I would suggest heading over to the Chilli Technology website to get all the info you need.

    woman adjusting her chilipad cooling system

    So What’s the quick & dirty on this?

    It’s a two part system. There’s the mattress pad that goes on top of your mattress (duh), and then there’ the cube unit that sits on the ground next to your bed. You fill the cube with distilled water (important!), set it to your preferred temperature and hit the sack! That’s it.

    I usually fire this thing up about 15 minutes before going to bed and it’s nice and cool by the time I crawl in. When it’s warm out, or if you are a hot sleeper like I am, the unit will most likely never get down to its lowest setting. And I am fine with that. The amount of cooling relief this offers is worth its weight in gold.

    Yes, there’s a constant hum all night long, but for me that is par for the course, if you will. I like white noise when I’m sleeping, and it blends well with the humidifier, air purifier, essential oil diffuser and whatever else my SO is running that night. ?

    Is the juice worth the squeeze?

    For me, absolutely. Yes, these things are pricey, but like a mattress salesman would throw at you – ” you spend more than half your life…….” – you know the rest. Being someone who has battled with proper sleep for years now, this thing has been a game-changer. Chili has been amazing to communicate with, so I wouldn’t hesitate to give them a chance.