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5 Adventures in Phoenix during the Winter

    List five things you do for fun.

    Here are five amazing adventures to take in Phoenix during the winter:

    1. Hiking – Take advantage of the moderate winter temperatures and explore some of the best trails in the area. Hike through McDowell Mountain Regional Park or along the shoreline of Tempe Town Lake for beautiful views and breathtaking nature.
    2. Horseback Riding – Hop on horseback for an unforgettable ride across one of the nearby desert trails, with stunning views all around you. Spend an afternoon exploring South Mountain Park or embark on a sunrise ride around the Apache Trail Monument Valley.
    3. Rock Climbing – Challenge yourself to some rock climbing at Papago Park’s Sandstone Quarry or Black Canyon National Park and feel like you’re soaring high above the valley floor!
    4. Golfing – Get some practice in before spring golf season by hitting up one of Phoenix’s premier golf courses like Encanto 18, where you can challenge your skills and work on perfecting your game!
    5. Off-Roading – Explore Phoenix’s desert terrain on a guided ATV tour! Experience sand dunes, winding trails, and stunning red rock formations all while having a wild time!
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