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where to stay

Arizona's first Nordic Spa Experience. Sauna & Plunge Pool for recovery after your day of adventuring. 

high country motor lodge

What to hike

Lockett Meadow Inner Basin Loop is by far going to give you the most beautiful fall scenery. If you're looking for Aspens and fall leaves, then this is the trail for you.

lockett meadow

hiking Stats

3.4 miles, loop 839 ft. of elevation gain Moderate  Heavily trafficked About 2 hours to complete  Best hiked from end of September through October 


To regulate body temperature, keep joints lubricated, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells, and keep organs functioning properly.

what to eat

If you're into pizza and beer, Dark Sky Brewing will meet all your expectations. Hands down the best pizza in town! 

dark sky brewing

what to drink

Enjoy an espresso martini at Flagstaff's premier Hotel from the 1920's. 

hotel monte vista

A nordic experience

Sweat, shiver, soak, repeat, and then relax. The Motor Lodge has a cold plunge pool accompanied by a sauna room for sweating out toxins.

high country motor lodge

have a night cap

grab an Old Fashioned at the Bar and be a socialite for the night. The atmosphere is buzzing  yet laid back, cool, and cozy.

high country motor lodge

where to hang

Pick a table or sofa in the lounge area, bring your cocktail along, and choose from an assortment of classic games to play like Scrabble or Uno! 

high country motor lodge

why this hotel?

Originally an old motel this renovation is truly magical. No detail was missed when they designed this classic desert lodge. 

high country motor lodge

leave no trace

We all have an impact and when we leave no trace we show we care about our environment, the landscape, and the wildlife. Take a backpack and pack out your trash.

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