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How to Choose the Right Lift Kit for Your Tacoma

    Adding a lift kit to your Toyota Tacoma is without a doubt one of the most popular pickup modifications on the market today. These vehicles are quite capable and appealing, particularly to individuals who don’t want to jump into a full-size truck. Off-road, the Tacoma is a light truck with a narrow enough footprint to readily negotiate the terrain. But, to make it into a truly capable off-road vehicle, adding a lift kit will get it done.

    For some truck owners, bumping up the ground clearance to give their vehicles a unique and badass appearance is all they are looking for. Whatever the situation may be, you should study up on lift kits and make sure you understand them. This will guarantee that you spend your money wisely rather than squandering it on a project you didn’t anticipate.

    Lift Kit on Toyota Tacoma

    What is a Lift Kit?

    A lift kit increases your vehicle’s height, off-roading ability, and ground clearance. While these kits will cost more than a leveling kit, the benefits they provide will be considerably higher. Lift kits will offer you a higher ride height, ranging from an inch to more than seven inches. Lift kits are significantly more complicated than leveling kits and therfore require more components. These components can include adjustable control arms, bushings, shocks, track bars, sway bar links, coil springs, and more.

    Most lift kits will keep your vehicle’s original steering and ride quality while increasing ground clearance. This allows you to fit bigger tires and easily crawl over rocks and handle difficult terrain. Keep in mind that the higher your car is lifted, the higher the center of gravity will be. A high center of gravity can cause stability issues and make driving more dangerous, especially at higher speeds.

    Lift kits are more beneficial in terms of off-roading performance, but they are more difficult to install and more expensive than leveling kits. When deciding between leveling and lift kits, pricing is an essential factor to consider. While leveling kits are only a few hundred dollars, certain lift kits may cost several thousand dollars.

    Lift Kit on Toyota Tacoma

    What is a Leveling Kit?

    The front of the vehicle can be raised a few inches to match the back with a leveling kit. A leveling system can assist in compensating for the increased weight if your truck has a winch on the front axle.

    While this is mostly for aesthetic purposes, it can provide some additional ground clearance. Most leveling systems only give a few inches of elevation. It may be possible to add a somewhat larger tire as well, depending on the leveling kit. Most leveling kits have a bolt-on installation, making them easier to install than a full-on suspension lift kit. Strut disassembly may be necessary for installation, depending on the leveling kit. Spacers, strut extensions, shocks, and lift blocks are some of the components included in leveling kits.

    Most leveling kits will let you keep your rig’s factory ride quality while also leveling it out. You can level up your ride and give your truck a better-looking posture for less than a few hundred dollars.

    Lift Kit on Toyota Tacoma

    Lift Kit vs Leveling Kit: Which One is Right For You?

    If you’re having trouble determining whether to get a lift kit or a leveling kit, watch this brief video from CJ Off-Road. It all depends on how you want to use your vehicle or Jeep Wrangler when it comes to making a final selection. Do you intend to take your rig off the main road on a regular basis, crawling over rocks and hiking through mud? Or do you mostly use your car as a daily driver with some weight hauling in the back? A lift kit might suit your needs better than a leveling kit if you need the extra ground clearance to accommodate bigger tires so you can better attack tough terrain.

    A leveling kit, on the other hand, is a wonderful, straightforward, and inexpensive option to adding a full-blown lift kit if you’re only wanting to balance out the appearance of your vehicle while driving along the main highways. Whether you go with a leveling kit or a bigger suspension lift, your truck will have a more aggressive appearance.

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