How to Shoot an Epic Hyperlapse Video on Your iPhone

What is an iPhone Hyperlapse?

We’ve all seen them and wondered “How tf did they do that?!” Adding a hyperlapse to your Instagram story or into a travel video can make a huge impact on your audience.

Hear this: It’s not magic. The truth is, it’s pretty simple, especially with an Iphone. I broke it down into easy steps so that anyone can be a master Hyperlapse-er!

How to Shoot a Hyperlapse using an Iphone:

  • Find an interesting subject. This could be as simple as a tree or a unique feature on a building. It’s best to have a clear path in order to either move straight towards your subject, or posssibly around in a circle or an arc.
  • Camera App Settings: Switch to the Timelapse Mode. Make sure you have it on the Widest setting (0.5x). You may need to hold your finger down on the subject itself to lock Focus and Exposure (this is for more advanced users)
  • SHOOT: Postion your subject in the frame using your Grid. The goal is to keep that subject in the same exact place throughout the entire time filming. Start the Timelapse Recording. Walk towards your subject SLOWLY. Try not to bounce or wobble.
  • DONE: The iPhone processor will do a pretty good job stabilizing the video if you did everything correct. If you want to get it even smoother, drop your video in a video editing program and stabilize it.

Once enough practice has been at it, you will start to figure out how to optimize the settings and pick out the best lighting and subjects. But don’t get bogged down by any of that. The point of these is to have some fun while creating some cool ass content. Don’t be overwhelmed by the professionals out there doing some incredible lapses. They are most likely using high end cameras (read: heavy af) slapped on top of gimbals and then spending hours stabilizing and tracking their scenes clip by clip by clip by clip by clip.

Now, who’s got the time for that?!


Well, except for them.

Let them do what they do. You do you, boo.

You’re perfect just the way you are.

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How to Shoot an Epic Hyperlapse Video on Your iPhone
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