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Capturing USC’s Hub Coliseum In Photos & Video​


    Core Spaces tasked my team to produce photographs, videos, and social media content for the Hub Coliseum Student Housing Development at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. The assignment involved capturing both architectural and engaging lifestyle imagery and video content.

    Client: Core Spaces
    Project: HUB Coliseum
    Photographer: Nicholas Tortajada + Kevin Kaminski
    Date: Nov 2022

    The Vibrant Arts Scene of Los Angeles Captured in a Photoshoot

    The photo shoot for Core Spaces’ Hub Coliseum in Los Angeles, California was a vibrant, artistic experience that showcased the beauty and culture of this amazing city. We were able to capture the vibrancy of the arts in LA, from the unique and colorful personalities to the eclectic energy of the USC campus nearby. Through our photoshoot, we feel as though we truly captured the essence of the vibrant art and vibe of Los Angeles.

    The location – USC and the Coliseum

    We recently had the pleasure of photographing and filming the Hub Coliseum in Los Angeles, California. Located just steps away from the University of Southern California (USC) campus, the Hub Coliseum is an urban living experience that blends modern luxury with convenience.

    This luxurious complex is located conveniently near the iconic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, a celebrated venue for athletic events, entertainment, and other large-scale happenings. Despite the energy of its vibrant surroundings, Hub Coliseum offers a tranquil retreat. It’s perfect for those seeking a respite from their busy lives while still enjoying all that Los Angeles has to offer.

    By bringing this location to life through photography, we were able to truly capture the essence of the city of Los Angeles. The USC campus and the iconic Coliseum provided us with a backdrop to show off the vibrancy of the city, as well as the beauty of Hub Coliseum. It was amazing to be so close to two of the city’s most iconic landmarks and see how they influenced our photographs.

    How we captured that in our photography

    Our goal was to capture the vibrancy and arts of Los Angeles and the USC lifestyle in a single photoshoot. To do this, we utilized real students and residents of the HUB Coliseum. We wanted to be sure that we got an authentic portrayal of the city, so we gave our talent very loose directions to allow them to be themselves and have fun.

    The result was a stunningly vibrant collection of photos and videos that showed off the beauty and diversity of Los Angeles and all the amenities the Hub has to offer. The colors were bright and vivid, and the people in the photos had a genuine sense of joy.

    The amenities of Hub Coliseum

    Hub Coliseum offers world-class amenities that provide a luxurious living experience. Its rooftop terrace is outfitted with an inviting pool and lounge area, perfect for hosting parties or enjoying some peace and quiet. The building also includes a state-of-the-art fitness center with a variety of exercise machines, classes, and other amenities to keep you in shape.

    Each apartment within Hub Coliseum is designed with designer elements and high-tech solutions. This includes modern appliances and fixtures that make everyday life easier and more enjoyable. In addition, the property has a range of safety features and services, such as access control and 24/7 security cameras. All of this combined makes Hub Coliseum the perfect place to call home in the vibrant city of Los Angeles.

    The final product

    Our team was thrilled to have the opportunity to create a photoshoot for Core Spaces’ Hub Coliseum in Los Angeles. We wanted to capture the vibrancy and culture of the city, and we believe we achieved that in our final product.

    The USC campus served as the perfect backdrop for our photoshoot, as it is conveniently located near the Hub Coliseum. We were able to take advantage of the university’s vibrant architecture and other features.

    The Hub Coliseum has a variety of amenities to offer, from their 24/7 fitness center to the spacious outdoor lounge areas. We used these features to highlight the lifestyle aspect of living at the Hub, emphasizing how much life and fun can be experienced by living in this area.

    The end result was an amazing photoshoot that Core Spaces was extremely happy with. Our images were able to portray the energy and culture of Los Angeles, while also highlighting the amenities that the Hub Coliseum offers. We are very proud of what we accomplished, and are excited to see what other projects may come our way in the future!