Incredibly Stoked to be a Royal Robbins Ambassador

Let me preface this by saying simply rock climbing changed my life. It gave me a renewed direction that is eventually led to the creation of this site the adventure Dispatch. Suffice it to say I am incredibly honored to be a part of the Royal Robbins ambassador team. After all, he is one of the godfathers of climbing.

More importantly, Royal Robbins as a brand has set the example of business sustainability that hundreds of brands have adopted. From the very beginning, everything that the company did had a mindful eye kept on minimizing any carbon footprint – from manufacturing to distributing, and on.

When I was asked to become an ambassador for Royal Robbins, I jumped at the opportunity. Their program is quite different from many that I have been a part of. It is more visceral and collective. Right off the bat, the entire team jumped on a video call to get to know one another. It was an instant tiny community!

They also stress that they don’t want you t compromise your own creative vision to try to adhere to their brand. They selected us for a reason, and that was for us to be exactly who we are. With the notable difference of rocking some sweet RR gear!

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Timelpase of Royal Robbins Switchform Lite Jacket

I wanted to do something that showed the transformation of the Switchform Jacket that was difficult to portray through still imagery. We framed up the shot and created a timelapse of me pulling the jacket out from its pouch mode, and putting it on as a rain jacket.

Photoshoot for Royal Robbins Clothing

What Gear I Used on this Shoot

Since this is an outdoor brand, and we are constantly moving from location to location, everything is captured using natural light. When needed, we had a reflector positioned to help feed some extra fill.

  • Canon EOS R5 – Incredibly fast AF and those juicy Canon color tones.
  • Canon RF 70-200mm f2.8 – Super sharp, insanely fast. Use anytime we need some tight shots or wanted to compress the image to give that sense of “feel” to the viewer
  • Canon RF 24-105mm f4 – This is actually my most used lens. I love having the ability to punch in to 105mm, and also get some landscapes at 24mm. It’s also one of the cheapest, so that helps justify when I bang it around on backpacking trips.
  • Peak Design CF Tripod – Most of my shooting was handheld until I also needed to be the model. In this case, I throw the camera on the PD Tripod, frame it up, set the R5 to a timelpase interval, and shoot!
  • Peak Design Everyday Bag 20L – I like having the smaller footprint of the 20L on my back and am able to fit everything I need in it. I have used this bag exculsively for 5 years and it still perfroms like the day I got it.
dis·patch | (/dəˈspaCH/) | verb
to send off to a destination or for a purpose.

I started this site as a platform to share my adventures, passions, tips, fails, and everything in between. A safe place and space to shed some inspiration, information and education.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Now more than ever, people are heading out into the wilderness and nature in search of freedom, recreation, peace, normalcy. We have an opportunity to promote a positive influence through sharing each of our own experiences to help control our social,  environmental and commercial impact.

I would love to hear your voice & share it on here: Reach Out!




I am a professional photographer & visual content creator for the outdoor industry. I started this site to serve as an outlet to share some of my adventures on and off the grid. I believe the best way to LEARN is to LISTEN, and in turn, SHARE.


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