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Royal Robbins Men’s Alpine Mtn Pro Pant Review

    Royal Robbins Men’s Alpine Mtn Pro Pant Review
    Super comfortable pants with some great features such as the ankle cinch-cuff, flexible waistband, 4-way stretch fabric, and a gusseted crotch. The classic fit will be welcomed by most, but a bit too baggy for my personal taste, especially after they loosen up during wear.
    Insanely Comfortable
    4-Way Stretch Fabric
    Ankle Cinch-Cuff
    Loosen Up Pretty Quick
    Fit is a Bit Baggy
    Fabric Not That Tough
    The Comfy but Sensitive Type
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    Comfortable and durable with 4-way stretch – Super Comfortable trail pants rich with features.

    When I first put on the Alpine Mtn Pro Pant, I thought that was it. I’m done. I have found the perfect pant. They are extremely comfortable with a fantastic fit, and feature a cinch ankle closure that so many outdoor men’s pants neglect. These will be one of my favorite pants that will get a ton of use, just not on my more active adventure days. Keep reading to find out why.

    UPF: UPF 50+ | Inseam length: 32 in | Weight: 13.3 oz | Fit: Active fit ||| Material: 88% polyester, 12% elastane

    Overall Verdict

    Oh man did I love these at first. They actually made me reconsider Royal Robbins as an adventure brand when I first started wearing them. I had always considered them an outdoor lifestyle brand, but not anything that I would wear during active adventures. I would rock their gear at camp. But quickly I realized that they were missing some of my major points and therefore they are delegated to stay in Camp. That is in no way put-down, though, as they are one of my favorite pants for that occasion.

    Pros: Super Comfortable, very versatile. Great Style & Fit. Ankle Cinch. Great Stretch and Mobility.

    Cons: Do not breathe well. Not Great for warm weather. Fabric Stretches too much.

    (I am 5’8″ and 160lbs wearing a 30″ Waist with a 30″ Inseam). If you’re an Amazon shopper, you’re in luck because they do sell them.

    The Royal Robbins Alpine Mtn Pro Pant has Great Stretch & Mobility although they tend to stretch too much after some activity.
    Great Stretch & Mobility although they tend to stretch too much after some activity.

    Comfort & Mobility

    Their stretch and articulation provide freedom to stride and climb, and their durability withstands miles of scrambling and bushwhacking. Meaning, that these things move with you no matter how aggressive you get. They are the opposite of restrictive which is their biggest strength, but also a downfall. Why? because they stretch pretty quickly and then lose a lot of their structure. I personally like slimmer-fit pants and tend to feel like I am swimming in more “regular” fit pants. Within an hour, these pants go from a relatively slim fit, straight into a loose regular fit.

    Royal Robbins Alpine Mtn Pro Pant


    This is a downside to these pants, and for someone who runs hot like me, almost a dealbreaker. But please listen, I will say this about almost every single pant I wear. I run super hot. What can I say? I will say these do breathe better than most, but I feel like they tend to hold the heat in once it builds up more than I would like.

    I do love that they have thought about ventilation features and have added in the ankle cinch. This is something that most other outdoor pants lack.


    From everyday casual wear to the office, these pants will fit right in. I have worn these in a professional setting and didn’t look out of place at all. I love to wear these at camp, at a picnic or BBQ, or after a long adventurous day. With the ankle cinch, they pair best with some Chacos.

    Water Resistance

    The Alpine Mtn Pro Pant is water-resistant. They will shed a LIGHT rain, but that is really it. These will wet out relatively quickly. Once they do, you can expect them to become quite baggy and heavy. I found them also to be pretty slow to dry out or wick moisture.

    Alpine Mtn Pro Pant thigh pocket

    Features of The Alpine Mtn Pro Pant

    The Alpine Pro Pant has some unique features. My favorite feature is the ankle cinch which allows for some ankle breathing and also a different style look depending on how high you cuff them. They also feature a zip pocket just above the left knee which I find completely unusable. It is a strange placement that places whatever you put in that pocket on the knee as it bends. I could see it being used for soft items only – think face mask or lens wipes.

    Ankle Cinch of Royal Robbins Alpine Mtn Pro Pant
    My favorite feature of these pants is the ankle cinch.


    The Alpine Pro pants aren’t cheap. Royal Robbins is an elevated brand. They use premiere fabrics that cost more in the manufacturing process and therefore the price tag ends up being higher. They retail at $95 and in my experience, don’t go on sale very often. I have only had them for about 4 months so I can’t speak to the longevity of these, but if they are anything like other Royal Robbins pants, they will last for a long time.

    Royal Robbins Alpine Mtn Pro Pant Conclusion

    I do love these, just not for technical adventures. Because of their fit and stretchability, these will be one of my go-to pairs of pants for everyday wear – even in the business casual work environment. I absolutely love the ankle cinch feature and the initial fit but I am not a fan of how quickly they loosen up and retain heat.

    If you’re looking for a great looking, super comfortable and pretty durable pair of pants, these are spot on. If you need more of a technical pant, I would look elsewhere, like the Outdoor Research Ferrosi.

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