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Dynavap – The Best Backcountry Bud


    Dynavap is a new take on the timeless hobby of smoking. A small, pen shaped, tool that has some tricks up its sleeve that will change how you think about consuming cannabis. This is a dry herb vaporizer designed to enhance medicinal benefits, cost efficiency, and user experience. 

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    I know this is a bit out of the norm for the content that we post here at the AD, but as we lay out in the article below, there are a myriad of reasons why we love this product. Heck, why we love this company! The simple fact that we had to push off our phone calls and figure out delivery of products that worked for both parties because we (The AD Team) & Dynavap both had backpacking trips that (obviously) took priority over business – that should say it all! It’s clean, it’s efficient. It supports our ethos when it comes to minimal design and reducing carbon footprints. And, it’s just flat out badass.

    Let’s get into the deets….

    Dynavap is the perfect solution for partaking in the backcountry


    • Higher Potency – that’s where this list should end but there’s so much more!
    • Higher yield for flower resulting in huge savings for regular users even over a short period of time.
    • Discreet and respectful to others. Minimal smell that goes away quickly. Great for indoor use without the lingering smell. 
    • Pure taste. Ever noticed how joints taste worse and worse as you go along? Thats because you are technically vaporizing when you smoke a joint, however the combustion byproducts build up closer to your mouth as you continue along. When you smoke a joint, you are not getting the effects from the red glowing part as many would think. The red hot end of the joint or “cherry” is simply your heat source that allows the cannabis that is further up to release its effects. However, this also means that you are inhaling pure smoke alongside and burning away your weed before it has a chance to fully release all of its properties. 
    • Great for muscle recovery.
    • Helps facilitate a higher quality of sleep.
    • Lighter than whiskey, no hangover in the morning. See Ultralighters, we got you covered!
    • Durable for backpacking – no coddling glass pieces
    • If backpacking or camping, you can heat the Dynavap using your alcohol or butane stove. Make sure flame is blue, not orange or yellow, otherwise, it will soot up the cap.
    • Nice to have to unwind at the end of a long day of hiking (as long as it is allowed where you are, federal campsites such as ones listed on still prohibit consumption regardless of state legislation on cannabis)
    • Easy to share with a group, but also easy to have very small short personal sessions. You don’t have to commit to smoking a whole joint once lit, or lose product if you snuff it out and save it for later. 
    Dynavap shown using the Orion V2 Dynatec Induction Heater

    HOW TO

    1. Take off the cap at the end of the Dynavap
    2. Insert your ground up cannabis or concentrate.
    3. Place the cap back over the end of the Dynavap, ensuring that there is a good secure grip so nothing falls out.
    4. Using a butane torch (or anything with a blue flame), Hold the cap above the flame and spin for even heat distribution. If using an induction heater, turn it on, and insert the end with the cap into the heater.
    5. Listen for the clicks! The cap on the Dynavap is specifically designed to have two tactile and audible clicks that let you know that you are now at vaporizing temperature.
    6. Remove the Dynavap from the heat source and take a hit. 
    7. Take care not to burn yourself as the end will hold heat for about one minute after removing it from the lighter.
    8. It will also click again when your temperature is lower than the vaporizing threshold. Users can expect about 10-20 seconds of vaporizing time per session.
    9. Once cooled, remove the cap and inspect your bud. If it is still green, you still have hits left! If golden brown, its time to switch it out for some fresh herb. 


    • The Dynavap is highly configurable to your preferred experience. Dynavap themselves mention that there is about a “Ten Bowl Learning Curve”. This is due to the fact that you can control temperature and air flow on the device resulting in highly dynamic results. You can have a very relaxed, low temp hit full of flavor, or send yourself to the moon with a high temp hit. Its all up to you!
    • When the bud has been vaped, keep it. You can use that to make concentrates which can be consumed again with a Dynacoil accessory by Dynavap
    • Cannabutter! Your bud will already primed and ready for this process once vaporized. Just melt butter in a pot, dump in your exhausted weed, and leave to simmer for 4 hours. Refrigerate, and now you can make your own edibles! 

    USER ACCOUNTS (Not confirmed by studies.)

    • Can help with nausea, headaches, muscle inflammation, anxiety, Motion sickness (in small doses), and altitude sickness (in small doses). While these don’t have definitive studies due to years of prohibition on cannabis,  many approved medications for these symptoms use synthetic versions of the cannabinoids found in cannabis. 
    • For users that may experience negative side effects with cannabis such as anxiety, nausea, vertigo, or paranoia, many claim that when using a Dynavap, or any dry herb vaporizer, they don’t experience any of that. It may be worth a shot if you have had a troubled history with consuming in more conventional methods. 
    • Feel even more connected, present, and plain awesome. That’s why we hike in the first place isn’t it? 


    • Do not mistake a Dynavap for a vape pen that you would find at a dispensary. They are not the same. The more accurate term for a Dynavap, despite its name, is a TED (Thermal Extraction Device).  Most cartridge based vape pens have been found to be quite toxic to your health. This is due to the consumption of Vitamin E Acetate. This has been linked to short and long term diminishing lung health, shortness of breath, and overall inflammation of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. The Dynavap takes a more Farm-to-table approach. You are simply putting pure ground cannabis into the end like a one hitter/chillum, covering it with what looks like a sawed off bullet casing, and heating it up externally with a torch or induction heather. This part convection, part conduction, method of heating is a very pure way of extracting all of the medicinal goodies from your bud without worrying about any toxic byproducts that convenient form factors such as carts produce.
    • Know that cannabis has an acidifying effect on the body. Be sure that you are taking steps to keep your body alkalized through proper hydration, healthy eating habits, and detoxification such as physical exercise and/or breath work. 
    • Have enough water to support your cottonmouth. Dehydration is a real possibility in the backcountry and should not be taken lightly. Always take more water than you think you need.
    • Avoid consuming when you have to carry out critical tasks such as orienteering, navigating technical sections of a trail, or if there is bad weather on the way. 
    • Be respectful to other hikers. Not everyone will share your affinity for cannabis, and that’s okay. There is a time and place for it. 
    • Leave no trace. Bring a stash jar specifically for your AVB (Already Vaped Bud). It will weigh close to nothing, take up less space than a shot glass, and will help to protect the environment that you are in. 
    • If you are worried about possibly starting a fire in arid environments, or there is a burn ban, an induction heater might be the answer! There is no flame to begin with, and it is specifically designed to stay under combustion temperatures. Not to mention it is a more green way to enjoy your greens!

    If youre interested in picking up some of this Dynavap goodness, head over to their shop:

    Visit the Dynavap Website

    Use this code to receive 10% off your order:


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