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Amanda Boldin

Co-Founder & Creative Director at Studio Woods + Founder of Keto Canary. Along my journey, I've learned the benefits of living toxin-free; what foods you eat, what air you breathe, what water you drink, and even what feelings you feel - all are powerfully connected to your health. And I slay on MTB (not really)!

6 Outdoorsy New Years Resolutions

    6 Outdoorsy NYE Resolutions to usher in 2022 in Style with a focus on outdoor ethics, backpacking, conscious shopping and giving back!

    When to Drink Your Daily Protein Shake

      Protein shakes and protein powders can be a great way to supplement your diet, especially for athletes. But when is the best time to have your daily protein shake, and when are protein shakes most helpful? Certain people benefit more from protein supplements than others, and the time you drink a protein shake in relation to your workout can have a huge impact.