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The 6 Best Hikes in Sedona You Need to Do

    Here is a list of the Top 6 hikes in Sedona. Beautiful hikes can be found all throughout Sedona.

    On my list of the top 6 hikes in Sedona, you’ll find everything from a simple walking route to a heart-pumping hike up a mountain.

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    Top 6 Hikes in Sedona

    Let’s Get Into it

    Cathedral Rock Trail

    Cathedral Rock Hike (SEE TRAIL GUIDE HERE)

    One of the best hikes in Sedona is Cathedral Rock. This hike is short and quick, and it’s a lot of fun from start to end, with some rock scrambling and jaw-dropping views.

    Expect no solitude on this trail due to its popularity. The hike to Cathedral rock and the reward of panoramic vistas are the highlights of this adventure.

    On a much greater scale, it’s very similar to the bell rock climb. You’ll hike and scramble your way up to Cathedral rock from the trailhead until you reach the saddle between the sandstone massive spires. 

    Pro Tip: This is one of the most popular hikes in Sedona and getting a parking space can be a real challenge, so get there early.

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    Devils Bridge

    In Sedona, this is a very popular hike. Hundreds of people hike to the bridge every day to take photos of the vistas and even propose.

    Devils Bridge is only a 2-mile round-trip hike from the trailhead. It’s largely level and fast, with a few series of inclines and stone steps right before reaching the bridge.

    Getting to the trailhead is the tricky part. The Devils Bridge Trailhead is located on a dirt road that requires a high clearance vehicle to access. If you don’t have a 4×4, you’ll have to walk down Dry Creek Road from the Mezcal Trailhead.

    Devils Bridge is the largest natural sandstone arch located in the Sedona area of Coconino National Forest.

    Views from Broken Arrow Trail

    Broken Arrow

    The Broken Arrow Trail is one of the busiest short hikes in the area, because to its convenient location on the south side of Sedona, just off Highway 179, and its proximity to a popular jeep track.

    Both routes rise gently up a large valley with colorful, jagged, eroded red cliffs and buttes on both sides, terminating at a low pass (Chicken Point) with good views south to Oak Creek Canyon and north to Sedona and the high mountains beyond.

    The standard $5 Red Rock Pass is required for all parked vehicles.

    Bell Rock

    One of Sedona’s most well-known features is Bell Rock. Hiking up to Bell Rock is a lot of fun, which is why it’s one of Sedona’s most popular climbs.

    The ascent begins with trail signs and wire baskets filled with boulders for the first.25 miles. The wire baskets vanish as you go further up Bell Rock, but you can continue hiking higher by figuring out your own route.

    Rock scrambling up to the top levels of bell rock is part of the fun of this hike. It’s entirely up to you how far you want to go. You won’t be able to climb all the way to the summit of the rock, but you can get quite close.

    It is quite clear how it received its name; it looks like a giant red bell melting into the landscape.

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    Soldiers Pass

    There are a number of reasons why the Soldier Pass Trails is one of Sedona’s top hikes. For one thing, it’s a short and simple hike. But it also passes along some rad features like the seven sacred pools, the Devil’s Kitchen Sinkhole, and if you can find it, the famous Soldier Pass Cave.

    West Fork Trail

    The super-easy and insanely picturesque hike follows Oak Creek. Because of its shady route and tranquility, this hike in Sedona is unlike any other in the area.

    You stroll along the creek for virtually the entire hike and get to see how the creek chiseled away the canyon walls. It resembles the subway in Zion National Park in a lot of ways.

    This is a nice hike to do on a hot day in Sedona because you’re in the shade of the trees.

    What to Bring on your Top 6 Hikes in Sedona Adventures

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    The 6 Best Hikes in Sedona You Need to Do