Nick Tort at Banjo Bill Picnic Area
Nick Tort at Banjo Bill Picnic Area

CHILL | Banjo Bill Picnic Area

Banjo Bill Picnic Area

There are several picnic tables along the water, but none are better than the Banjo Bill Picnic Area. Keep in mind, the further north you go, the more solitude you will have. Some of these are loaded up with barbecues, restrooms, and drinking water. There’s fishing around every corner, it’s pet-friendly, and there’s plenty of parking ($5 day charge).

Several picnic and day-use places may be found in Oak Creek Canyon and across the Red Rock District. West Fork, Red Rock Crossing, Banjo Bill, and Grasshopper are also popular destinations for hiking, creekside picnics, swimming, and fishing. Day-use sites are provided at all of the Oak Creek Canyon campsites.

Why Banjo Bill is the Shi–

Banjo Bill Picnic Area is a lush, beautiful location with a flowing ribbon of water that blends in with the neighboring Oak Creek Canyon rocks and buttes. You could spend an entire day hopping from one activity to the next on the grounds since they are so varied. Bring a hammock, read a book, bring the taco kit and cerveza; do anything you want in one of Arizona’s most beautiful places.

A few tables are adjacent to the parking lot, making it simple to transport coolers, stoves, and culinary equipment to the tables.

Because this is a high-traffic location, arrive early during peak season to get the best spots.

Getting To Banjo Bill Picnic Area:

Between mile markers 382 and 383, on a paved road in beautiful Oak Creek Canyon, 20 miles south of Flagstaff, 5 miles north of Sedona, and 8 miles north of the “Y” intersection of SR 179 and SR 89A. The elevation is 4,500 feet above sea level. Look for the Banjo Bill signage along the highway.

34°57’41.2″N 111°45’11.2″W GPS coordinates

What to Wear

Anytime I adventure in Sedona, I always come prepared to get in some water. It goes without saying, but my feet are loaded up with Chacos – the most versatile adventure footwear ever. I would rock some quick-drying shorts, or a bathing suit and a moisture-wicking short-sleeve shirt.

Nearby Adventures

  • HIKE – Cookstove Trail – A short, but tough hike that leads to some epic views over Oak Creek Canyon
  • PHOTO – Cathedral Rock Area – Enjoy a hike up to one of the many vortexes around the Sedona area. Take your camera and have some fun trying to find a unique perspective in this area.

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